damned liberal phony nerds.

Okay, this National Review article is insaneYes, it is.

Which is to say that the nerds of MSNBC and beyond are not actually nerds — with scientific training and all that it entails — but the popular kids indulging in a fad.

Hit a Nerd where it hurts, why don’t you?  Why, I bet they were all secretly hanging out with the star quarterback in high school while nobody was looking… and then brushing them off and ignoring them in haste whenever anyone might see them together.

[…] stereotypical facsimiles of the real thing. They have the patois but not the passion; the clothes but not the style; the posture but not the imprimatur. Theirs is the nerd-dom of Star Wars, not Star Trek; of Mario Kart and not World of Warcraft; of the latest X-Men movie rather than the comics themselves.

Someone out there needs to throw Rachel Maddow a Pop Quiz on The Dark Phoenix Saga.

Look at me and let me tell you who I am not, which is southern, politically conservative, culturally traditional, religious in some sense, patriotic, driven by principle rather than the pivot tables of Microsoft Excel, and in any way attached to the past.

Wait.  I thought these were Star Wars nerds and not Star Trek fans… or, you know “A Long Long Time Ago” (in a Galaxy far far away…)

The movement’s king, Neil deGrasse Tyson […]
Bill Nye wants to usurp the crown so badly…
is useful because he can be deployed as a cudgel and an emblem in political argument — pointed to as the sort of person who wouldn’t vote for Ted Cruz.

Someone needs to vinn diagram people who quoteth  Neil deGrasse Tyson on their social media accounts with those who go for that whole “Chuck Norris” meme.

Marie Antoinette is no more welcome in America if she dresses up in a Battlestar Galactica uniform and self-deprecatingly joins Tumblr.

I Haz Ur Cake!

Sorry, America. Science is important. But these are not the nerds you’re looking for.

Sure beat the nerds voting for Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin.

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