recurring political scandals, 2014 edition

So.  Senator John Walsh, interim and soon to be candidate for six year term, in Montana… and his own particular manifestation of the “Biden Problem“…

Sen. John Walsh (D – Montana) is being accused of plagiarism for failing to properly cite the work of others in the master’s thesis he wrote while at the Army War College in 2007. Indeed, it has been widely reported that as much as a quarter of what the senator wrote—and presented as his own work—may have been the ideas and/or words of other prominent experts on Middle East policy.

When asked about this apparent transgression, Sen. Walsh stated that he believed he had done nothing wrong. He didn’t recall using sources improperly, but he is considering apologizing to scholars he failed to cite. A campaign aide for the senator acknowledged the plagiarism, but indicated that Sen. Walsh did not intend to deceive anyone and that his actions should be viewed in the context of a successful military career during which he was a highly decorated officer who served with distinction in the Montana National Guard. The aide noted that Sen. Walsh was going through a difficult period in 2007.

It’s not like he cribbed from wikipedia.

Some are asking if there is a relationship between PTSD and plagiarism.  There is none—at least not a direct one.

I wonder if he had a poetry writing class where he turned in a bunch of Pink Floyd lyrics?

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