The big Connie Johnson versus Jim Rogers race heating up

Looks like a real crapshoot of an election.

The 62-year-old Johnson has been a leading progressive voice in the Republican-controlled Senate, pushing for abortion rights and becoming a hero to the pro-marijuana movement for her efforts to ease restrictions on the drug.

But the 79-year-old Rogers has become a familiar name to Democrats in Oklahoma, since he has run for office every cycle during the last decade, including president and U.S. Senate.

I kind of like Jim Rogers’s chances.

The Oklahoma Democrat, who has run for statewide office every two-year cycle since 2002, has taken more votes than a lot of candidates who actually try. In fact, he passed the 650,000-vote mark Tuesday night.

Yeah.  It’s amazing we came to the point, considering how far everyone had to reach from the primaries.

The poll shows 9.4 percent favor Midwest City resident Jim Rogers, 9.2 percent prefer state Sen. Connie Johnson and five percent support Anadarko resident Patrick Michael Hayes.

And from that front-runner status came a big fall…

Connie Johnson  43.84 percent
Jim Rogers           35.34 percent
Patrick Michael Hayes  20.82 percent

I think what really did Hayes in is that he had three names.

Everything will be decided on the fourth Tuesday in August, along with a small smattering of other contests for the Democrats to … probably mostly ignore.

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