four mississippi political hacks

Looking over the results of the Mississippi Senate Primary between “Establishment” Republican Incumbent Thad Cochran and “Tea Party” “Insurgent” radio shock jock figure Christopher McDaniel

McDaniel … 49.46%
Cochran … 49.02%
Thomas Carey … 1.53%

And who the heck is the “third wheel” that poked the race into a run-off?

I’m not really in favor of a runoff, but if it brings millions of dollars into the state, that’s good for Mississippi,” Carey said. “If groups spend money on TV stations and ads that generate revenue for those stations and the surrounding areas.… Who knows, maybe the money will help them hire another person or two.

And …

“I haven’t received any response from people here because, as you know, no one knows who the hell I am,” Carey said with a chuckle, followed by a quick, “Excuse the language.”

Typical one of those candidates.

And it was an awfully close race, pitting neighbor against neighbor, and…

The logic of the primary run-offs is always that the “more conservative” will slide into the advantage, due to a smaller turnout margin.  I find it hard to see Cochran scrambling to win, unless McDaniel says something that makes the Republican electorate think “OMG.  The Democrats might beat him”… and then, it’d probably take him saying another thing in the general election for that to actually happen…

And after this is settled, “gaming” the General election

Yes, Childers could run as a Thad Cochran Democrat — except he wouldn’t be saddled with the need to appease an ideology that has to pretend federal spending doesn’t benefit anybody, least of all the people of Mississippi.

Yes.  It’s that “ugh”y, the whole scenarios.  It is interesting for Childers, who I suppose had the logical theory “Want to get back into politics, and this is the best chance”… should he lose “respectably” I guess he’ll have a door open for a gubernatorial bid?

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