one weird lung of Reagan hatred

Leafing through books on “Reagan”… and I run into someone scrawling a note into the William Kleinknecht book “Man Who Sold the World”…  Here’s the relevant passage and the commentary, and a question…

People would gather around him after his appearances and relate their own mistreatment by the government, and he began incorporating those complaints into his speeches.  “I was seeing how government really operated and affected people in America, not how it was taught in schools” he said in his 1990 memoirs.

By the late 1980s, while still in office Reagan suffered from Alzheimer’s.  How could he write his memoirs in the 1990s?

Um… 1990 was not 1998 (and this would also mean he’d probably have written, with typical assistance that major figures get, it in the late 1980s anyways), and the advancement was not so far along that he wasn’t totally devoid of his mental facilities 100 percent of the time, and…
What’s the point?

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