The Simpsons couch gag tribute to Letterman.  (And the Simpsons really oughta join Letterman into the abyss of past glories.)
Letterman on Terry Gross, circa 1981.\

Bill Maher on the John Roberts Campaign Financing Ruling.

Movies passing the Bechdel Test more likely to make a profit.

Shane Osborn.  Nebraska Senate candidate’s weird story.

FBI Informant… Al Sharpton.

Westboro Baptist Church picketing celebrating Oklahoma liquor store, even after denying Fred Phelps at the Drake concert.

Typical polling result:  Who wants to intervene and mess with Russia and the Ukraine?  Whoever doesn’t know anything about Russia and the Ukraine.

Is Jeb Bush more like George W Bush or George H W Bush, and more importantly… do the people want either?




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