celebrity hi-jinks that are at least a bit interesting

I’m a little unclear where Shia LaBeouf is going with this.  Once you get marked as stealing from Daniel Clowes, you move on to claim that your next product is … “Daniel Boring“?

That is a joke, right?  Apparently it is… But...

LaBeouf apologised to Clowes last month after a short film he made, Howard Cantour.com, was found to have lifted dialogue from a Clowes short story also about a world-weary film critic – and his apology itself was found to have been copied.

He’s since undermined the apologies with a string of arch tweets. He hired a skywriter to etch I Am Sorry Daniel Clowes across the Los Angeles sky, and tweeted “You have my apologies for offending you for thinking I was being serious instead of accurately realising I was mocking you”, a quote from a Texan politician amid an anti-abortion debate.

It misses the mark on its proper target.

Looking forward to a product about alienated teenage girls called “Ghoul World”.

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