another damned culture war squirmish

Another fight in the culture wars — this one over Duck Dynasty being under the attack and oh must some people come out to defend the Duck Dynasty.  I see it being plastered all over at the Alex Jones websites with item after item of commentary on pc culture and the pc gay whatnot thought police on the case of Duck Dynasty.

And it’s not that I find some line of agreement with this argument and this parcel of the culture war.  I have simply become tired of this recurring story… where a figure from backwoods America has achieved some celebrity hood for some affirmation of eccentric or quirky Americana — and then just pull back the curtain and inevitably we discover illiberal and bigoted viewpoints expressed, such that a firestorm cracks open.  (See too Paula Deen.)  I don’t know how to parch the meaning behind your viewing of “Duck Dynasty” — except it is amusing to see his beard on full display all over the Alex Jones websites — and whatever elements you appreciate from it and whatever you throw asunder.

But herein lies the problem with Mr Alex Jones.  Plastering the case of Duck Dynasty all over as the toppermost point of interest (my guess is clickbait.)  For the sake of defending the espirit of the First Amendment…

… This is the source whose response to Piers Morgan’s advocacy for gun control was… through the employee of Kurt Nimmo — to petition the government to deport him.

Rinse repeat recycle.  See you with the same commentary at the next stupid culture war battle.

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