Meh.  You run a “low fi” against the “Big Money Establishment” campaign, here’s what you get

Following last month’s revelation that Stockman’s campaign office, described as “unsafe for habitation,” was shut down, Talking Points Memo filed a request to see the photos of the condemned building, and they obtained photos showing what looks like the decaying debris and detritus of a dilapidated dorm room.

New meaning to the phrase “mud slinger”…

Or… something.

Texas Republican Senate candidate Steve Stockman has nowhere near the millions of dollars his GOP opponent Sen. John Cornyn has, but the tea party congressman has a novel fundraising ploy: selling Obama “barf bags.”

Analysis:   Jason Stanford, a Texas Democratic political consultant, sees the race as a useful way to unravel one of the central mysteries about Stockman—one that’s been asked many times throughout his career: Is he serious?

Such is the meaning of all of these Republican Primary battles, though.


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