everyone has their comment armies these days

Fox News has a sock puppet army.

I think it would be amusing to pop into every blog and news source that references this story and create an army of obvious sock puppets, all rolling the Fox News line on the issue.

“Liberal Media Lies”.
“Yeah, like MSNBC doesn’t do the same.”
“We don’t have time for this sideshow when real issues, like the failure of Obamacare and the Benghazi Cover-up, abound.”
“Even 60 Minutes tore down the Benghazi lies.  But they had to.  Losing credibility fast, and everyone would tune to Fox News for the real scoop.”
“Good point! Fox New rules.”
“Fox News rules; MSNBC drools.”
“ha ha.  That’s a good one.”

This is a strange phenomenon.  The nation of Russia has the same thing.  (Calling The West a bunch of hypocrites to shift criticism on Pussy Riot, for instance.)  Giving the “bottom half of the Internet” is a discreditable thing… it strikes me as the equivalent of  sending chain email in terms of possible effects, and for that matter anachronistic tic.

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