Brett Farve? Tim Tebow? Jeff Garcia?

Desperation time for the Saint Louis Rams.  And Desperation means they go and try to coax Brett Farve out of retirement.

Brett Favre says that he loved playing in the NFL but that the game took a physical toll and he won’t return, even though league sources told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter that the St. Louis Rams reached out to his agent.

“It’s flattering, but you know there’s no way I’m going to do that,” Favre said in an interview with Sports Talk 570 powered by ESPN in Washington.

The Rams lost Sam Bradford to season-ending knee surgery earlier this week.

Rams coach Jeff Fisher was asked Thursday afternoon whether his team reached out to Favre’s agent.

“During the process I didn’t disclose any information and I feel no need to disclose information after the process,” Fisher said. “That’s how we are. That’s consistent with our policy and our philosophy.”

Asked if that was a denial, Fisher said: “It’s I don’t talk about the process.”

What?  Did they lose the number to reach Steve DeBerg?

On Sunday, we got reports flurrying about the Internets that the team may just want to sign up Tim Tebow.  Days later, we get this analysis.

Tebow’s name continues to be broached whenever a quarterback opening arises, even though the evidence is mounting that there is no longer interest in him as an NFL QB. That the Rams turned to the inexperienced Davis, the consistently-underperforming Quinn and even Favre instead of formally giving Tebow a ring puts the Heisman Trophy winner’s status in some perspective.

Or.  You know.  Speculators are speculating.  Just throw names out there that will get page views.

My gauge is that the Rams see a lost season before them, and figure if they’re just playing out the string — and at best just needing to keep their team on an even keel and above water for next season — they might as well make things entertaining.  So, why not just throw Brett Farve out there for a few games?  Should sell tickets, right?  As for Tim Tebow… he actually wants to play in the league right now, and is being by-passed for players who don’t want to play in the league.

Though this is interesting too.

If Browns coach Rob Chudzinski isn’t happy with his current quarterback situation — and by all indications he’s not — there might be a third option besides Brandon Weeden and Jason Campbell. It’s not a great third option, but it’s a third option.
That potential third option is 43-year-old former NFL quarterback Jeff Garcia. In a radio interview on Tuesday, Garcia said he reached out to the Browns after Brian Hoyer suffered a season-ending ACL injury in Week 5.
“It’s funny, I actually reached out to the Browns and said, ‘Hey, if you need a guy to come in, work me out, take a look,’ ” Garcia told the Bull&Fox on WKRK-FM in Cleveland. “I don’t know if people want me back in Cleveland, but I’m open to the opportunity.”

See too...

The quarterback guru told USA TODAY Sports Wednesday he would embrace the chance to play for the Minnesota Vikings while serving as a mentor for Josh Freeman. […]
Garcia downplayed Tuesday’s interview with a Cleveland radio station “as light-hearted” when he lobbied for a chance to help solve the Browns’ quarterback riddle before coach Rob Chudzinski turned to journeyman Jason Campbell over struggling Brandon Weeden.
But Garcia, who serves as a twice-weekly NFL Network analyst, admits he’d be open to an NFL return and that it is not just some mid-life crisis.

Well, that’s not terribly flattering to the Browns, is it?
I suppose the theory of a Jeff Garcia comeback is different than the theory of a Brett Farve comeback.  Farve would be all about the shits and giggles; Garcia would be basically coaching the future quarterback as he sits on the bench for a while.  Which is why the Rams never thought of picking up Garcia.  That, and…


Is Jon Kitna still in the league?  Maybe they can just throw him out there.

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