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Conspiracy time!  Was this fainting woman at the Obamacare speech… staged?  Or… you know… is there something to the Jon Stewart quip from last night that (to paraphrase)… “Brilliant!  Place the diabetic pregnant woman in the sun”.  (Which, you know, does imply a bit of incompetence as opposed to teh evil.)

Interesting, the second comment here predicts the inevitable.  (But we missed out on the other big conspiracy of the moment — the Freemason blasting Stenographer — who was that man who whispered into her ear? — we see that it’s gone from random blogger to the big time Conspiracy Nuts!)

Incidentally, it’s curious to see this site blast Democratic pols for entertaining cuts in Entitlements.  A site which finds Socialism lurking everywhere.  But imagine it in the age of Kennedy — rhetorically around the spectre of all that  “Tree of Liberty refreshed with the Blood of Tyrants”  line.  Today, of course… everything went to pot after his assassination, which “they did” to stop and start a bunch of things.

— Hey!  Look!  All Elvis Conspiracy theories debunked in one “Look what this guy ate” comment!


Back to Health Care… Look!  A primary contest in Idaho!

A conservative lawmaker from Meridian says he filed paperwork Saturday to begin raising money for a possible challenge against Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter in the May 2014 Republican primary.
Senate GOP Caucus Chairman Russ Fulcher cites Otter’s decision to establish a state-run health insurance exchange under the Affordable Care Act as a motivating factor.

Hm.  Basically in the whole ACA  Health Insurance gambit, the states are doing a reasonably good job and the federal government is, at least right now, blowing it.  (Yeah, I know.   “The ACA is not just a website”, “we see that people are interested” at least, and a bunch of other things.)  So, Butch Otter’s big crime is… circumventing the problems of the national government and moving in the competent federalist manner that the law actually envisioned (what, with it being a product of the thinking of the Heritage Foundation years ago, when they had to throw up a counter to Single Payer).


You know

If McAuliffe gets elected it will show exactly how morally bankrupt the voters of the state of Virginia are. How else could you describe people who would vote for someone with as many criminal skeletons in his closet as McAuliffe?

Four years ago, the current Republican governor of Virginia was heralded as the “Future” of the Republican Party, for some kind of mainstream conservative Republicanism.  Now he’s limping off in scandal.  McAuliffe, the shady-ish bagman of the Clinton Presidency is… hrm.  Well, at least no one’s going to call him the Future of the Democratic Party, so in four years the state can turn to someone else.

Indeed … the WORST candidate for Governor anywhere since … well, since Illinois had Blago and that other jailbird Governor. […]
I hope the voters in VA come to their senses.

He’s only the third worst candidate for Governor in this particular election campaign.  Behind the Republican’s candidate and the Libertarian’s.

But what I’m wondering here is when will the “Obamacare” bashing comments will come?

Of course, “ObenshainCare” will be his albatross.

I can’t tell if that one counts or not, or what that’s supposed to mean.

This campaign breaks the string of 9 counter-trend races, where the governor of Virginia elected is the other party of the President of the United States elected the year before.  A bit more can be made of this than the “mad as hell” of the president’s party — but here we go.

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