Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll badgers US General about 9/11.
How much longer until Alex Jones interviews Pete Carroll?
Incidentally…  look at the timing. Obama rolling out a national campaign against guns yesterday, and then this happens,” — if this were about gun control, wouldn’t it have been orchestrated before the Colorado Recall?

Time Magazine covers — internationally, Putin beats Obama; nationally — College Sports ought be paid.

Extreme Staircases worldwide.

US Supreme Court puts Ohio Blogger “should he be a PAC” on conference.

Texas Truck Decal of … er… bound and gagged woman… upsets everyone for obvious reasonst.

Barney Frank upset that fin reg not going up to speed.

Barack Obama’s Cousin to run for Senate in Kansas.

Who is the Greatest European Thinker – Howard Scott??? Why is Technocracy Inc still an existing thing?

Video Games are at fault...

How the Democrats beat back Larry Summers.

Lawmakers can’t get speeding tickets, by law.




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