40 different maps.
A book of alternate futures.

Detroit’s City Manager a real asshole, manufacturing blackouts just for the hell of it.

10 things Edward Snowden’s links have taught us, if we were paying attention.

RFK’s sex Journal.

Pax Dickinson and his tweets are pretty horrible.

Stephen Hawkins predicts the Endtimes.

Texas Textbook fights come about again.

Your Miley Cyrus FCC Complaints.

Thomas Fridman writes another corker.

Bill Moyers on the various Secession Movements hitting the land.

Wesley Clark was at Burning Man.  What does it mean?

Man wearing Obama Mask robs Bank.  Will that Rodeo Clown Fan group come to his defense as a “performance act”?

Congressman Tim Huelskamp explains why the 42nd Obamacare repeal vote is the best one evah.  Must be a Douglas Adams fan.

Prove God Now.  Or not.




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