Anonymous Portlander Threatens to Out Food Stamp Recipients.  Calls himself “Artemis of the Wildland“.  Creepy World Net Daily comments abound.  Blame William Kristol and Comic Books.

Can someone please explain the horrors of this story about Unregulated NYC Dinner Parties to me?  I don’t get it.

GOP Doves exposed as frauds when Obama slides to diplomacy.

The good news is we can set aside this supposed Putin Letter to America, since he has a real one up at the NYT.

Alex Jones: Syria diplomacy a plot to extinguish humans so Obama and elitists can be cyborgs.

George Zimmerman spokesperson Frank Taffe begins White Supremacist Podcast.

Orson Scott Card heads PBS in North Carolina.

Batman and Captain America Save Kitten.

Eventual GOP Primary loser in NYC Mayoral Bid argued that he wasn’t the Anti-Kitten Candidate in final debate.

A history of Libertarianism as basically just Corporate funded.

Drink Water Today.  Even if you don’t like Michelle Obama for whatever reason, drink water.



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