Click here to summon the NSA.

What’s up with the British detaining Glen Greenwald’s partner?

Who the hell cares about that damned Obama masked rodeo clown?  Mostly Movement Conservatives.

Obama begs Financial Regulation to enact Regulating Rules.

What’s the Republican alternative to Obama’s Health Care Reform?  Nada.

King Jong Un can’t find Virgin Women for his big show.  Comment sends wrong note about story (poverty brings girls to prostitution) by asking what would happen if Americans were inspected for Virginity.

New Republican candidate in Republican Senate race:  Perkins announced her candidacy in Salem at the Capitol to one audience member, the press and a Democratic operative.

Ron Paul fan tries to sell Russian Freedom to fellow Paulites, gets some push-back on this, some odd agreement (comedy gold on libertarian anti-gay sentiment.)

Hm.  John Quincy Adams responds to “Mary Poppins 68″. (on sad news from 1813).  Twitter is weird.

Saudi Arabia’s War on Witchcraft.

Identifying the Good Guys in Egypt.  Good luck with that.

The IRS targeted ACORN.  “Should put a final nail in the coffin of this political fight” says Representative Cummings… and … ha!

Roads falling apart in Texas.

New Senate Candidate to take on Lamar Alexandar in Tennessee:  er… Sentate?



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