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Yes, I see all the linking to Norm Ornstein on the “Contemptible” efforts by the GOP to fight the enactment of the ObamaDoleRomney Care.

And we now see some new divisions within the Republican Party, which are… interesting.  Those that help their constituents.  And those that don’t, out of spite.

Some Republicans indicated to The Hill they will not assist constituents in navigating the law and obtaining benefits. Others said they would tell people to call the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).
“Given that we come from Kansas, it’s much easier to say, ‘Call your former governor,'” said Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R), referring to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

“You say, ‘She’s the one. She’s responsible. She was your governor, elected twice, and now you reelected the president, but he picked her.'” Huelskamp said.
“We know how to forward a phone call,” said Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah).
“I have two dedicated staff who deal with nothing, but ObamaCare and immigration problems,” he added. “I’m sure there will be an uptick in that, but all we can do is pass them back to the Obama administration. The ball’s in their court. They’re responsible for it.”

Actually I think we may end up with divisions within the “Spite” caucus.  Those whose spites are full of sarcastic quips, and those that are full of earnest political speeches.
There are some Republicans who plan to answer constituents’ questions, however.
Rep. Phil Gingrey (Ga.), co-chairman of the GOP Doctors Caucus, said he will “always” help people who have questions about the federal government.
“If a constituent wants to know something, I’m going to be truthful to then, even if I absolutely hate the program,” said Gingrey, who is running for the Senate.

He’s going to be slammed by his opponents for being too moderate then.  A RINO…

The other divisions coming to the fore.  We have the Mike Lee / Ted Cruz party… hoping to shut down the government for the purpose of stopping the funding of the Act… and then on the other side it’s the new face of Moderation within the Party… urm… Tom Coburn of Oklahoma.

“The strategy that has been laid out is a good way for Republicans to lose the House.”


Sen. Ted Cruz believes Republicans can defund “Obamacare” if they stand together, but he said “scared” Republicans are standing in the way.
“What I can tell you is there are a lot of Republicans in Washington who are scared. They’re scared of being beaten up politically,” Cruz (R-Texas) told Glenn Beck on TheBlaze radio show Monday.

We get some crowing off of Ted Cruz‘s posturing, whether deserved or undeserved, on how it’s shaping the policy impetus.

Whatfor… the party is trying to spur up some “moments” at town hall meetings for frenzy and confusion.  And…

The line the sand will be drawn either with Cruz or with Coburn, I guess.

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