North Carolina about to have Most Restrictive Voting Rights.

The 45 House Republicans most willing to grind government to a halt, based on an analysis of six votes this year by the Washington Post blog The Fix.

The “Justin Amash” Coalition.  Majority of Democrats; Minority of Republicans; Split of “Tea Party”.

Who voted Yah, and who nay.

And who’s moving to shut down government over “Obamacare”.

And what’s coming up in “Town Hall Meetings”.

And an appreciative view on “The GOP’s two apporaches” to ending “Obamacare”.

Getting Texas to teach Evolution.

Prison Planet discover Bob Avarkin in midst of  Trayvon Martin protests, makes lots of leaps off of this.

How KTVU is fighting to wipes out its embarrassing racist faux pas.

Screw Larry Summers.

Anthony Weiner’s Cubicle Guy — just a reporter who found himself a spot.

Dennis Richardson is running for Oregon Governor.  Name is vaguely familiar.



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