just a couple of elected nitwits

Hm.   Two weeks ago, Police Chief Mark Kessler of Gilberton, Pennsylvania uploaded a video with a one-note message: “fuck all you libtards.” After backlash, the civic leaderu ploaded an apology titled “Chief Mark Kessler, I’m Sorry for hurting feelings.” Though that was “Sorry” with a capital “S,” in this video, he says “fuck” nine times, refuses to apologize, and punctuates his profanity by firing various automatic weapons into the middle distance. […]
Kessler hopes that his recent notoriety will give him even more political sway. His Facebook page yesterday called for a huge rally to show up the “tyrants” for their “violations on our constitution or our freedoms.” He’s also accepting donations via Go Fund Me.
The mayor of Gilberton, Pennsylvania is continuing to support Kessler. Mayor Mary Lou Hannon says that this is within Kessler’s rights to express himself, and the city would not “take action to quash free speech, whether or not each member of council or any member of council agrees with it.”

He’s the POLICE CHIEF, in charge of making the public feel safe and secure, and here firing metaphorical gun shots at a sizable part of the electorate.  It’s not a “free speech” issue.
Or, it just sounds like a spot in the Rust Belt we’d just as soon see… rust right away.
Or, Chief Kruger can relocate and we maybe Kessler can have a partner in Law Enforcement.

Dateline Missouri.  We have a Michael Savage fan in the state legislator… Republican Party Whip, too.

We can’t cover every bizarre thing Missouri State Senator Brian Nieves does online, but his latest Facebook activity was just too special to ignore. Earlier this month, the Republican lawmaker wrote about Governor Jay Nixon “b____ slapping the Constitution.” And in April, he received national attention after we published his angry e-mail rants to a constituent who wanted to be removed from his Senate listserv.
This weekend, he decided to talk about his love of firearms with an “Only in America!!” story about a “gun that would give Nancy Pelosi instant indigestion…” An anonymous “Modern Day Patriot,” he wrote, brought him a gun and his “personal Arsenal for me to look at and Drewel upon.”
And there’s plenty more to Drewel over in this Facebook post…including his “sincere” pondering over whether “liberalism is indeed a mental disorder.”

Oddly enough, googling about I don’t see too many people making the Michael Savage connection with this “mental disorder” line.
My best guess is Michael Savage likely devoted a three hour broadcast in support of this guy.

You know… given the options, I think I’d prefer New Hampshire state Rep. Stella Tremblay, the “post Boston Marathon Conspiracy Theories” former congress-figure.  Better possibility she’ll trip onto some worthy issue and cause or other down the road.  Or, end up harmlessly using her legislative position battling the Freemasons.

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