Doc Hastings having nightmares about sea lions now

Hm.  Gotta kill the Sea lions in order to save the salmon.  Familiar enough story.

Rep. Doc Hastings argued in a heated House subcommittee hearing Thursday that stepping up lethal means against predatory California sea lions could protect the Northwest salmon populations.

I guess it’s like the Birds versus Cats fight.  The winner is whichever lobby is stronger.   (The comment winner for this article are the birds.)

Opponents of the bill argued that the Marine Mammal Protection Act already grants local authorities appropriate action to safeguard the local fish species, saying that there was no demonstrative threat that numbers of the salmon population were falling below what was acceptable by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Okay.  And as always, I love the comments.

The never-ending assault by Doc Hastings to destroy every species competing for the same prey as the humans with the same 19th Century mentality endemic to every CONservative traitor occupying seats in government.  Wolves, sea lions, coyotes, mountain lions, prairie dogs, ad nauseam preyed upon by the human predators who are responsible for the demise of the very species these stupid dolts claim to protect. […]

Hastings is one of the worst remaining CONservative Republican traitors joined with his fellow Republicans and DINOs led by Obama literally destroying our governing system through the phony “sequestration”.  He should resign or be recalled to end his traitorous acts against our Constitutional Republic and all human rights and democracy contained therein.

“One of the worst”?
This is at least amusing, because it is… yes, what I always see when I look up what the Doc Hastings is fighting for what now.

Hastings then went on to argue that wolves should be shot to protect deer and elk populations, and polar bears eradicated to protect seals. He further stated that bans on the international sale of tiger parts and the pelts of other large cats should be lifted to protect numerous species of wildlife from these beasts, and shark finning should be resumed to protect tuna and other economically important fish.

Three… two… one.  Bring in other issues.

Left unmentioned was Republican efforts to lift restrictions on eliminating the top predator that is the true cause of the decline of these species, Homo Sapiens. This would be accomplished not only through direct means such as easing gun restrictions and “stand your ground” laws, but also through the far more effective methods of allowing unrestricted resource extraction and unlimited pollution.

And no, I don’t much like this either:

House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Doc Hastings (R-Wash.) and other GOP lawmakers are pushing legislation to block looming Interior Department regulations that govern the oil-and-gas “fracking” on public lands.
The bill is highly unlikely to become law but it signals ongoing GOP political pushback against the rules, which critics say are not needed and will create costly red tape.
The measure introduced Thursday by Rep. Bill Flores (R-Texas), Hastings and three others will be the subject of a July 25 House Natural Resources Committee hearing. It’s called the “Protecting States’ Rights to Promote American Energy Security Act.”
It would prevent Interior from enforcing regulations on hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” in states that that already have their own rules or permit requirements.
The bill explicitly says Interior must defer to state rules even if they are less restrictive than federal mandates.

But this comment is a bit much, isn’t it?

The kkk-republiCANT-gop’pers are just sucking big-oils-pipe for political donations at the detriment of the American People, they are heartless with no morals when it comes to their greed and political lust…perry saves a few lives amongst so many unregulated factory workers deaths and the gop kills millions by letting fracking run wild…So Sad, So Very Sad…

“kkkrepublicantgop’pers”?  Don’t really want to be taken seriously.  Sure.  “State’s Rights”.

Even if you just roll your eyes.

GOP lawmakers and oil-and-gas industry groups say that state-level oversight of fracking – the method enabling the U.S. oil-and-gas production boom – protects the environment and public health.
But Interior officials, noting that some states have tougher oversight than others, say baseline federal standards are needed to oversee fracking in order to protect groundwater and other resources.

Because… really.   Environmental regulation should just be left to … the governor of Texas.

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