a single tear for mike enzi

Every once in a while a news item comes out about the Paul — now the younger but formerly the latter — a controversy erupts that I find myself saying, “Yeah.  I knew that already”.

Jack Hunter, theSouthern Avenger”, is a neo-confederate extremist, and…

Rand Paul, evidently running for President, is never going to be President.  (His neo-McCarthyite partner, Texas Senator Ted Cruz — another figure supposedly running for president — and never going to be president.  (With him, I wonder if the long anticipated “waiting for Godot” demographic changes will sweep him out after his term is up.  “Ground shift under him”.  We’ll see…)

So, now we have an interesting dynamic coming into place.  A proxy fight between Cheney and Paul in a state with only two elevators, or so understood, with Elizabeth Cheney running against the incumbent Mike Enzi —

and with this because

Cheney’s supporters argue that she will be a true believer in the mold of Sen. Ted Cruz, who is proving day by day in fights with Sens. Dianne Feinstein and John McCain that he doesn’t want to just get along. In the ongoing battle against progressives, Enzi “is not putting points on the board for conservatives*,” says Erick Erickson, editor-in-chief of RedState. He says he backs Cheney because she will score those points. “We need GOP Senators to be willing to ‘beat up on their colleagues,’ ” argues Kurt Schlichter atTownhall. “It’s not about collegiality in the cloakroom. We want you hated, despised, and targeted because that will mean you are getting something conservative done.”

(* like the Republican House is doing right now.)

What we need is a throwback to Alan Simpson, who brought points on the board for Conservatives — two or three? — with “Snoopy Snoopy Poop Dog“.  Mike Enzi needs to talk to Alan Simpson about how to mangle names of different performers (mockingly or not quite mockingly), which will — put points on the board for all the 60 plus year old Fox News conservatives.

I don’t see Elizabeth Cheney putting those points on the board.

And we come to the curious fixture of this “narrative”:
On the other side of the GOP caucus is a new guard of younger members impatient with Senate niceties. Cheney seeks to join that gang, though that will be complicated. The first problem is that new guard member Sen. Rand Paul isn’t a fan of Cheney (or her father, the former vice president) and supports Enzi. In particular, Cheney and Paul are on the opposite ends of the foreign-policy spectrum. She’s a hawk. He’s not.

She’d thus slide back and forth between the two guards, or be in the situation spotter?

Hm.  Better to look at  Michigan… and possible Republican candidates…

 Video has surfaced of GOP strategist Karl Rove calling U.S. Rep. Justin Amash, R-Cascade Township, the “most liberal Republican.” […]
“The most liberal Republican is Justin Amash of Michigan. Far more liberal than any other Republican,” said Rove, who was senior adviser and deputy chief of staff to former President George W. Bush.
“And why? Because he is a 100 percent, purist libertarian,” Rove said, “and if it’s not entirely perfect, ‘I’m voting with (Democratic House minority leader) Nancy Pelosi.”

Yes, but Justin Amash is putting points on the board — if not for natural disaster relief than… For Pot.

Concerns arise that Elizabeth Cheney won’t put points on the board for — er — Heterosexuality … but I imagine he has his point maker in the Republican Iowa Senate Candidate who suggested he’d attempt to convert Chuck Schumer to Christianity — now that’s some putting points on the board!

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