Man with pellet gun arrested outside John Kerry’s Boston Home.
Forgot about Carl Paladino.

The problem with historical references on Predicting the next President.

JK Rowling’s secret crime novel.
Newt Gingrich’s secret children’s book series.

Jesus found in Russia.

Patrick Murphy thinking of joining the Republican Party again.

“ If someone wants to audition for a six-year prison sentence in South Carolina, they’re welcome to do it.” — Trey Gowdy, on why he’s not running against Lindsey Graham.

John Boehner is the new Bob Dole.  Will Rand Paul be the new John Boehner?

Do the “New Black Panthers” exist anywhere outside Fox News?

Blue Oregon petitions to get KBOO to put Thom Hartmann on the air, and… Good god that’s a bad idea.  (No, I don’t know how that channel should juggle their competing “vision” — need listeners but can’t “sell out” to get them — but — methinks the morning bloc needs to remain local and not commercial)

Write in Campaign for mayor who… won’t get many votes to say the least.

Spock and Kirk reading Mad.  Kramer about to walk in.

Would Google Glass have saved Trayvon Martin?  Oh. sheesh.



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