no, picking out random names from phone books isn’t good political policy

I’m always amused by lines such as this one:

No, we know. It’s just that you should have been able to pick someone from a phone book and beaten the pretender of a president.

This is a response to “And some GOP folks wonder exactly how did Obama win the last election? Really?“, a response itself to a ranking of how the 2012 Republican field is holding up post election, in response to Gingrich being tapped as co-host of Crossfire.

A proper response comes next:

Why didn’t they do that? I am inundated with phone books. Just possibly it is not quite as easy as you think.

There’s just this whole pile of cliches you want to dump away.  No, random name from phone book would not have beaten Obama.  I’ll take Obama over Random name from phone book.  Also, random name from phone book would not have beaten Carter in 1980 or Bush in 1992.  Also, I think Kerry did better against Bush in 2004 than would’ve random name from phone book, and ditto Dukakis against Bush in 1988.

Okay.  Now, skip to this.  It’s a sighting of a cringe worthy Hillary Clinton for President shirt.  It’s not really a prosect I look forward to, but reading the comments I’m tempted to say “sure” just because it’d annoy these people.

It is all they have left. And when Obama leaves, they are going to have to find a new one. Hillary is really the only candidate. And it is going to be even stranger and more creepy than the Obama cult.

Obama had no reputation to smear, really, the first time around, and he got a weird pass for some reason for his first term. None of this applies to Clinton, who is despised by not only Republicans but by plenty of moderates and hardcore Obamaniacs, too. On top of that, the scandal at DoS is going to hit her square in the jaw.

Yes, this is the “Benghazi!” bit, which… has probably hit her in the jaw about as much as it’s going to.

I go back and forth. There is a certain kind of suburban woman and their beta male husbands who fucking love Hillary. And their votes matter because they are swing votes. They voted for Bush in 04 because they were worried about terrorism. They voted for Obama in 08 and 12 because of birth control and abortion and the thought that if their little snowfake got herself knocked up they might be able to take care of it.

Hm… great, the slighting of any male who might support Hillary Clinton by questioning his masculinity.  (Aren’t we getting that a bit with Obama being gay?)   Anyway, he’s neglect that whole “white working class” “Annie Oakley” routine through the 2008 primaries — or is that a brief moment of political positioning and posturing brought by circumstances?

Anyway, Hillary Clinton’s surfacing in the clouds at the moment — I’ve always stated that I much prefer Obama’s 2012 election campaign of — having to defend a messy record — than 2008 of — urm… Hope? … but grounded into the ground, we see the preminitions that Hillary Clinton would take center stage in the 2014 Election campaigns.

As these Reason commenters speculate on who could undo Hillary Clinton … urm… Howard Dean, maybe?

And as for Republican presidential candidates doing good after their election campaign… Fred Karger is getting some write-up for shifting Mormon positioning on gay marriage to one of not active hostility.  But who remembers Fred Karger?

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