The most depressing news about Will Smith not being in an Independence Day sequel is learning that there’s going to be an Independence Day 2.

Jon Stewart on his Egyptian doppledanger show.

Warning from Rand Paul to Eric Snowden — don’t trust those Ruskies.  words from infowarriors irking Rand Paul on this.

Threats to the State: Salon readers and Onion readers.

Yahoo issues Birther related correction.

How Conservatives took over Norther Idaho.

How Democrats are inching about the Deep South.

New Hampshire lawmaker and Boston Conspiracy nut resigns.

Here’s Biden in Trinidad.

Michael Hastings Email propels Conspiracy theories that the Gummint did it.

What happens when you sympathize with Pat Buchanan nodding furiously to Sarah Palin?

The Potemkin Store Fronts in Belfast: Economic Stimulus.

Spiderman and Heathcliff are 2 really strange comic strips.



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