tuesday’s election in massachusetts, and suckered into third party loopyland once again.

Might as well note that there is a special election on Tuesday, to fill out the service of now Secretary of State John Kerry for US Senator of the great (an historically nationally politically maligned) state of Massachusetts.

The Democrat is expected to win, reasonably comfortably.  He’s not lighting anything of fire, but he’s not dragging himself down ala Martha Coakley, and the Republican hasn’t the pick-up truck driving downhome appeal of Scott Brown.

But then there is the third candidate.

Richard Heos, a Woburn resident representing the Twelve Visions Party.

The Twelve Visions Party?

However, Heos could not encapsulate his campaign or party’s platform in a nutshell, citing that it was more than 100 pages long, but he said that if elected he would strive to end all welfare entitlements and restrictions on immigration.

Well, you can’t blast him for speaking in sound-bytes, unless it is “Go read my 100 page document”.

Except you can blame him, or his party at least, for doing that bullet-point presentation thing — you know — basing things on Twelve Visions.

Richard never sends me emails, and the other candidates don’t seem to acknowledge him, so I will say the 12 visions his party is based on all seem nice, even the one with a typographical error in it.


I was also looking for info on the Twelve Visions Party. I found a little, but not much. Its goals look identical to the Libertarian Party’s, but the rhetoric has more of a New Age flavor. What policy differences does the TVP have with libertarians?

We have a game plan…Prime Law Amendment and a Protection only government…Stay tuned,sports

Does your game plan include answering questions from people who want to learn more about you?

BURN.  And… more burn…

Your outreach stinks. Your national party’s site has been down for at least a week. Your state party site has misspellings, horrible graphical design, and is drowning in comment spam. Your Senate campaign has no web site at all.
Your platform is indistinguishable from the Libertarian Paty’s. Your rhetoric is flowery, overblown, and utopian. You might think it’s an accurate portrayal of what you can achieve, but to a new reader, it comes across as implausible new-age tripe.
Given your platform’s similarity to the Libertarian Party’s, I had to wonder “what’s the point? Why not just join the LP?” The answer seems to be that you’re the political arm of a cultish, money-making scheme by Mark Hamilton. Joining the LP would not advance his cause of selling Neothink paraphernalia to loyal followers, and so he started his own party.
In many ways, you remind me of the Natural Law Party, which was the political arm of the Transcendental Meditation cult.
Building a political party is hard work. You guys don’t seem to have what it takes.

That “overflowing with spam” comment is about what I make of the website.  But for the life of me, I don’t know how this is sucking money from and to anyone anywhere.

The Month of March starts off with a blast! In Anticipation of Prime Law Day March 23th TVP extends it’s Campaign for Senate in neighboring cities. Signatures for Political designation Status is a priority.

Prime Law Day.

TVP is fundraising for the month of March, The TVP political campaign continues through the month of March collecting signatures for political designation. Richard Heos and the Twelve Visions Party will be leading the way on the road to the White House.


The TVP is in high expectations of Prime Law Day March 23rd, and the 2013 Senate Race. Signatures are being gathered and the TVP plans to enter the 2013 Senate race valiantly. Expect Wealth, Health, and peace as an out come to The Twelve Visions Party Victory!

Oh.  Wait.  This explains it

The NeoThink Movement.

No.  I’ll stick to paleo-thinking, thank you very much.

With the TVP National Platform, Make All the People Rich, Including the Poor, I announce the birth of the Twelve Visions Party.  The Prime Law of Protection and The Protection-Only Budget are the two pillars that hold up this new party.  They manifest the original beauty behind the two old parties without the lies, tricks, and power-plays that destroyed those beautiful original intentions.

So.  How much of the vote will Richard Heos get?  I put the over / under at… oh… point 3 percent?

In other news of various oddball political creatures (though… this one — a perenial Seattle based candidate has a more discernable misison):  Good Space Guy answers your questions.

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