international elections

So.  Now that the Iranians have elected the “moderate” of the Cleric-approved candidates…

… either showing a difference between this moderate and the reformer who supposedly had an election stolen and brought on the Green Revolution of Protests– that one is not considered a threat to the ruling Clerical oligarchy and the other became such –, or showing that Ahmajenidad won after all…

Or… something going on in internal Iranian politics that is worth a deep Kremlinogolical study.  He has a court summons.  Interesting.

One of those three.

What’s the next international election whose dynamics are not wholly translatable and understandable to my “idiosyncratic and eccentric” American vantage point?  Well, take a look at the  Mayor of Moscow.

Well, it’s full of eccentric personalities, after we get past the “United Russia” Putin-head, and assorted Communist Party and controlled opposition figures.  Without looking too far into him, I will just assume that this guy is the equivalent of our Vampire Candidate.  Thought maybe I’m not giving him enough credit and he has some “Pussy Riot” political dissident qualities with him:

Thrash metal musician and member of the nationalist opposition; ran unsuccessfully for mayor of the Khimki and Zhukovsky districts of Moscow Oblast in 2012 and 2013.


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