How Chinese Censorship works:  say you hate the government all you want; just don’t say you will do anything about it.

On having a wikipedia page.

Mythical Irish land of Hy Brasil.

The Republican Study Group that overthrew Ford’s control and how it rules in 2013.

The “Nothing to Hide” ARRRGH! comment lobbed from the LA sheriff to Justin Bieber.

Putin has nothing against Mansanto.  That’d just be weird.

An Oysters related comic book.

Girls names — Emma vs Sophia, red vs Blue.

Oregon Man tries to blow up misspelled sign.

Local News photos of people with their arms crossed.

History of Premarture Prophets.
78,000 want in on a one-way ticket to Mars.

Toronto mayor Rob Ford protester pictures.  (No sign saying “Crack is Whack”?)





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