Noam Chomsky says Obama would have started a Nuclear War to Kill Bin Laden.  (Hyperbole to make a point or — ?)

The Private Schools now getting public money thanks to Bobby Jindal in Louisiana.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Spreads his money with Fridge Magnets after abandoning town hall .

Journalist scandal:  Jonathan Karl and his Benghazi fabrication.

Rob Ford versus Joe Quimby:  Who said what ?

Libertarian Wrestler Kane might contest Lamar Alexandar in Tennessee.

Georgia police slow to react to mob violence at Gay Rights March .  At least its the other Georgia.

George Takei responds to traditional marriage advocate sign holders, which appears to be the hot new trend of political promotion.

The one thing about the Printable Gun:  it’s pretty hard to do.

Monkey versus Puppy.

1955 “no go” map for tourists to US from the Soviet Union.

Cold War hit its hottest point in 1983.

Meet Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor Candidate for the Republicans…  E. W. Jackson.  Who’ll be referencing the KKK a bunch.

Into the various portholes of the Internet Archives.

British student studying abroad in America lays out what’s good and bad about it.

Parsing whether Joe Kennedy was an anti-semtite or not.

Partisan Politics in the age of twitter… Eric Cantor and the WHite House feeds and this is just a stupid age we live in.




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