People are apparently interested in what’s going on at Whidbey Island

“cult busted on whidbey island”

A search phrase that popped up in the stats page.  It doesn’t take a genius to know what set of entries this will lead one to on my blog, but I do wonder… some news here?

And looking up Whidbey Island in google news, I see this… with its typical suspicion and speculation about “Satanic Cults”.

Orange lights, flying saucers, cows killed by cults or aliens, we have it all here on South Whidbey and thanks to the Internet, the whole world knows about us.

A veritable Twin Peaks.  It’s a case where this place was just gnabbed by the public at large, pick a random point on the map and designate it as a place you can claim such horrors.

Otherwise I land on…  the “Chocolate Flower Farm”, described here as “The most amazing cult out there”, though I see no evidence of such a thing.

Of course, then we get this…

I used to live on whidbey island for several years and i must say, there was a problem with witchcraft there.

Hm… Boo?

Surely this term isn’t swerving into the world of Hate Groups of vintage history — you don’t usually look up “cult” to find White Aryan “Martyrs”.

So… who knows?

As for other big events of Whidbey Island… I would go ahead and take this line about a “Local Figure in the National News” —

Island County Commissioner John Dean, a Camano Island resident, said the high-profile case has shattered a lot of residents’ sense that they live in a place that’s “stuck in the 1950s” and there’s no need to lock doors.

And so goes the End of Innocence:

A local farmer who runs a produce stand on the “honor system” says theft has become such a problem that she’s been forced to close the popular business.

Not sure if I should really be all that sad a business like that is going away — seems to be false sentimentality here that I have to force myself toward.  I refuse to implant false nostalgia and fret over the lessons of “human nature” too much.

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