politics on the comics page



Hm.  Ziggy is taking on some heavy issues of Government secrecy.  Speaking out on behalf of Bradley Manning.  If he continues on this path, and such hard hitting themes, I expect that’s what Tom Wilson’s gravesite will look like.



Mutts, on the other hand, is going the way of the tv show The West Wing, which served for Democrats during the Bush Administration as a model of a more ideal presidential administration.  In this case, this is the liberal fantasy of how a Senate Filibuster should work  instead of forcing a 60 vote threshold on all votes– what we should see is Mitch Mcconnell sending out his troops to bark and bark and bark and put in the effort when stifling the 60 vote tally.

The next Mutts episode features a reference to The Big Lebowski.  The next Ziggy is a mouse joke.

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