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Ricin suspect apparently not the man.  No more Elvis Impersonator jabs.
But new gist for different political angle:  GOP (perennial I assume) candidate J. Everett Dutschke emerges as suspect.

Chris Christie lies about liking Scooby Doo at four years of age.

on this new Crossfire:  actually, Newt Gingrich’s bloviating might make for amusing soundbytes to chuckle over.  Which is the only point for such a tedious show format.

yes, of course he was.  Bombing Suspect an Alex Jones listener.

Good bye Max Baucus, and Good Riddance to all those K State pals.

Twitter runs aground with jokes following latest “Syrian Electronic Army” hackings.

Explaining the dearth of Chechens in America.

Your irony of ironies… perspective... World Violence Down.
from the 1960s… “What is a Lone Nut?”

New Bulletproof Clothing for our Schools.

China Media point:  Too much woldwide  coverage of American tragedies.  The World still turns.




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