Snopes debunks a bunch of Boston Marathon crap.  The Family Guy predicted nothing; is not the new Lone Gunman.  Thankfully — I don’t want Seth MacFarlane swirling around as conspiracy-relevant.

Ricin sender to Obama and different politicians, an Elvis Impersenator stopping a human body parts cartel conspiracy.

Joyce Carol Oates has a book that sounds interesting. The Accursed.

The rise of the Oligopoly.  Why your old fears of Monopolies are passe.

Howard Dean is Mad and thinking of jumping the Democratic Party for Obama’s Budget Proposal.

Jenny Sanford torpoedoing her ex-husband Mark Sanford’s comeback bid.

Anthony Weiner’s comeback seems to be coming along successfully.  The Next Mayor of New York City.

Should the Creepy Time Square costumed figures be regulated?

How the CIA helped build Disneyworld.

Elizabeth Warren: banks determined the numbers of foreclosure fraud victims.

Stephen Colbert:  “Oopsie Daisie Homophobe“.

Guardian covers the Thatcher Funeral.  Skip to the “on the crowds” section” — kind of what I’m always most interested with in this type of thing.

There was a Cockroach Racing fad in the early 20th Century?  Let’s bring it back!]

If you’re center-left and Jewish, would you rather your son be a West Bank settler or an anti-Zionist writer?




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