draft dodging conservative rock stars.

I don’t know what the ruling here ought be, but I tend to think “Pants on Fire” should be relegated to things that are so utterly baseless, that they were essentially just conjured from thin air.

So here’s what we have.

Liberal group claims Mitt Romney, Dick Cheney, Donald Trump, others are draft dodgers.

And this is ruled “Pants on Fire”.

I am well aware of the pit falls of this accusation, as well a bit of the double standard through the last four decades of our nation’s history, but whatever the defamatory “Draft Dodger” charge — a deferment and obvious exiting from Vietnam while supporting the war lands on a sort of “here’s the point being made”.

Throwing away the man Mitt Romney — Mormon missionary service counted for something, even as he charged around campus lobbing rhetorical spitballs at Vietnam Protesters as his dad slid into controversy around the word “Brainwashing” — and just kind of shrug at others… the figure that demands some attention here is about here…

Limbaugh and Nugent were ultimately disqualified from service for medical reasons, according to Snopes.com and TheSmokingGun.com.

Ted Nugent.  And I have heard liberals tell of this fabled story…

Nugent claimed later about his “Draft Avoidance” technique of … being as revolting as possible…  he was messing with a gullible High Times reporter.

Never mind that this dove-tails in with his Rock persona of the time, never mind that parts of the story he has verified even while denying… it is why Snopes calls the story “Undetermined”.

If Nugent wanted people to believe it then, I’d just go ahead and say… let everyone believe it now.

And for Politi-fact… so it goes for your Democratic partisan “sigh“.

I’ve also heard Ted Nugent, in his current right wing nut pundit role, claim he never understood the sexual context of the song “Cat Scratch Fever”… interestingly, I recall my (sort of weirdly veiled Catholic in a public school setting) Health teacher showing a video of calisthenics routines set to different popular music, and opting to fast-forward through “Cat Scratch Fever”.
— Small Edit:  Actually, come to think of it, it was probably Ted Nugent denying understanding drug references to some other hit songs — the sex of Cat Scratch Fever would be palatable for his current persona, moreso than his now (not believably) disclaimed illicit drug history.

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