Pentecostal Pastor Seeks Democratic Nomination for Governor of Pennsylvania

Alec Baldwin comes out against Michael Bloombergian Christine Quinn on “Progressive Economic” grounds.

Tea Partiers form boycott of Fox News.
… despite, you know, blatant progpanda in how they skip over details of Obama’s Israel visit.

Smashing Pumpkins founder and lead singer Billy Corgan joined Alex Jones once again in studio for a powerful interview. In this excerpt, Corgan analyzes the momentum of the infowar, while hinting at an even greater awakening hindered only by population’s refusal to confront the truth and embrace a shift into a totally new paradigm.  No, seriously:  “The momentum of the infowar”.


University of Oregon player calls Sandy Hook a conspiracy.

The Career Suicide of Michele Shocked.

Mark Evanier gets 5 cent residual for the 1990s sitcom Bob.
… which, incidentally, spawned a pretty great Ty Templeton comic book (and the worst work ever by Evan Dorkin.)

with Westboro Baptist

Manchin of West Virginia tries to get around NRA Scoring.

The problem of Argo:  as always, “CIA produced”.

Florida Democrats fear falling into a sinkhole more than Florida Republicans.  (Actually this makes ideological sense: Infrastructure and Government concerns.)




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