if only Letterman were able to do the “We’re number 5!” bit…

I’m curious to see “Conservative” reaction to the news that Univision has beat NBC in the ratings.  I expect to find something in some corners stemming over to “Illegal Immigration” — Pat Buchanan Nativism / Racism.  Actually what we get is confusion between NBC and MSNBC in comments sections.

See here:  Well, we know how NBC will address the situation. More obnoxious leftism on their network. Obviously the problem is that they aren’t catering enough to their core .001% demographic.

See too “Reagan 40th” commenter at huffington post — though he at least tries to contrive it as people bailing on NBC due to the leftism of MSNBC.

And then we get to this point:  I don’t watch network television, the liberal content and socialist views are apparent and the endless commercials are a nuisance. They might need to catch a clue, they no longer appeal to mass audience.

That’s, I suppose, the Culture Wars defeating this person.

I’m with the others, I am sick of nbc liberal views and trying to stuff down our throats. Smash has quickly became the same old story line…boring. As a 27 verteran of a fire dept. the show Chicago Fire is an insult to any professional firefighter. NBC probably doesn’t deserve to be 5th but I don’t think there is anything lower than that.

Is American Idol, once the most watched show in America, a “Conservative Show”?  (Actually I think it’s ratings are down from its heyday.)  What makes this kind of Karaoke contest Conservative in ideology?

Oh!  Here’s the reason for Univsion beating NBC in the ratings

U.S. Spanish-language network Univision’s September 30 exposé of the “Fast and Furious” outrage perpetrated by Eric “My People”Holder’s ATF has sparked a lot of admiration in Republican circles. Some Republicans gloat that it might cost Obama some Hispanic votes.

Well, the latter didn’t happen, but could it be that hordes of Republicans switched to Univision’s prime time programming when learning that their news programming was somewhat tilting their direction?

(Note: ratings are marked by key demographic age… of course, that’s really what advertisers look at it, so that’s just as well).

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