Paul is no Paul, but he is part Paul.

Rand Paul does good.  Because if the John Brennan nomination sinks, you want it to be for the reasons that are good and not…

Rand Paul does bad… ala Chuck Hagel, who is being blocked for no damned good reason, but has a bunch of straws being lobbed at him — and things worse than straws … and why we can’t have a reasonable policy toward Israel reason— and Rand Paul seems to have just gone ahead and picked out one of them.  (From his Hillary Clinton questioning, he could easily have gone with another one of them.)

Worth looking over the Republican “Yes to Hagel” voters…

Cochran (R-MS), Collins (R-ME), Johanns (R-NE), Murkowski (R-AK), …
Present:   Hatch (R-UT)

What are you thinking, Hatch?  Well, this is hair splitting.
Hatch, who served with Hagel when he was in the Senate, hasn’t said how he will ultimately vote on the nominee, but the Utah senator isn’t a fan of using procedural tactics to block an up-and-down vote on presidential nominees.
“This vote was unfortunate, unnecessary and could have been prevented had the White House and the nominee provided the information that was reasonably requested,” Hatch said, referring to a Republican charge that Hagel has not been forthcoming with past speeches.
Hatch said he believes a president should have the chance to serve with the people he chooses, but “that deference is not limitless” and Hatch wants more information on Hagel before he decides if he’s qualified to be Defense secretary.
Lee announced his opposition to Hagel last week and says that his position on national security is “weak” and his positions “dangerous.”

Lee is no Paul, I guess.

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