new lpac — LENIN PAC!!!

STORY NUMBER ONE:  Underground Comix Collection apparently features Leninists, Larouchies

Interesting.  According to the review of a new collection of old Anarchy Comix, in Reason Magazine, and also seen here:

The framing story involves a generic town whose people are rendered as almost-identical pictograms—except for the local LaRouchies and Leninists, who are rendered in the style of the Bizarro World characters in an old Superman comic. 
Personally, when I read this comic I didn’t really think of the Larouchies.  But judge for yourself.

  Yeah, “Equal Asbestos for Equal Pay” does seem like a Larouchie Regional Cause from the late 1970s…

kind of a shock when I saw this photograph on the dailykos.  Of course, LPAC is “Liberty Pac”.  It’s a Texas Congress critter talking guns.  We’ll see if the Larouchies jump on the issue, I suppose.

STORY NUMBER THREE:  MASSES REACT TO Larouche Alert on the coming Indictments of Obama
Charles Gunner Mitchell asks:  If you have an hour and 10 minutes to spare, here is a chance to hear LaRouche rant and rave about Obama, and his possible impeachment… Me:  “Wow.  Federal Court”… er?  Sure, why not?  Either that or The Hall of Justice.
In this video, LaRouche claims that he has heard from inside sources in the government that Obama has been indicted by a federal court with a long list of charges that is greater than he’s ever seen in American politics on any previous president.
 Editor’s Note:If La Rouche is referring to the recent court decision on the three appointees by Obama as being unconstitutional, then I don’t think anything is going to be done by the congress.
It made the Galactic News…  This is an Awareness Blog to consider the future of your world. Actions are being done now to restore our world. Watch and become AWARE!

 How come Jones,Tarpley,Celente and the likes have not picked up on this yet.It could be massive.  (Answer:  Jones is too obsessed with fighting the First Amendment to save the Second…)
 Above Top Secret:  I never know what to make of LaRouche. For years I thought he was a nut–but that was before I got involved in conspiracy theory.
Well, it was reported by a convicted con man, that enough evidence for you?
Wonder if there’s ever a day when right fringe looneys don’t fantasize about Obama being impeached?
That was an hour of my life I will never get back
I work with a guy who gets all of the LaRouche material mailed to him and to be honest its just one big “The Brittish are Coming!” load of rubbish.
Guy is worse than Alex Jones for his crazy rantings and lack of information about Israeli interference of US governance
La Rouche is a smart fellow but I like Advantage’s description of him “a dirty diaper”.
It seems, though, that all the right-wing wackaloons pay attention to are total nutbags like LaRouche
LaRouche is obviously off his meds again and hearing voices in his head telling him exactly what he wants to hear. […]   LaRouche – go back to your slime hole and stay there.
Well, do you remember that group that sent letters and tried to get all 50 state govenors to step down? You know what those govenors did? They laughed and ran their letters through a shredder.
I remember this guy from 20+ years ago, thinking he was old THEN and a bit of a nut. For some reason I thought he had died.
When I hear La Rouche say Obama has been or will be indicted, I have little faith it will happen and even if it did, what about the hundreds and thousands of Elected Devils and their minions who support them? I really pray for God to step in but I doubt he will since this time appears to have been foretold and yes, it sure does seem like we have entered a time right out of the Book Of Revelations.
First …. quoting Larouche is like quoting the Man in the Moon.
LaRouche has zero credibility, so why is everyone flocking to his latest unfounded claim? Is it only because it’s something negative about Obama?
I didn’t know he was even out of jail. This guy keeps turning up like a bad penny.
Oh. My. God. You fucking imbecile. Lyndon LaRouche?!? SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?  You are approaching the “too stupid to live” threshold, son.
stopped reading at this:

Quote:  Mr. Lyndon Larouche, a well respected journalist
And then laughed hysterically for five minutes. Larouche and respected are like matter and anti-matter.
In related news, Lyndon Larouche reported that Iran successfully launched an otter-powered submarine into low earth orbit using a conveyor belt and toothpicks. We know this to be true, because Mr. Larouche is a respected journalist.
The user comments below the video are hilarious. Especially the ones defending Larouche.
Not even Dayton takes Larouche seriously.
Larouche has been a lunatic since before this board was dreamed up numbnuts.Hell, I remember in the early 1990s, while I was going to watch an episode of “Mad About You” (an episode I actually wanted to see) a special “paid public service announcement coming on by Lyndon LaRouche where he spent 30 minutes claiming that AIDS was created in a U.S. government lab.
Lyndon LaRouche isn’t my idea of a “reliable” source for that kind of information.  (says forum that calls Obama “Kenyan”.)
It is completely bogus.The tip off should have been that Lyndon Larouche was involved.
I made two minutes!Who is he addressing?The country, or whoever is sitting on his right?
Lyndon LaRouche…Isn’t he the guy that ran for president, perpetually, under the Communist party banner?
No.L.L. was the freaking paranoid, delusional, lunatic scammer that ran for president under the banner of several polical ‘parties’…most of which professed various whacktard philosophies, including (but not limited to) socialism, communism and glorifying AIDs as a punishment unleashed by the Soviets to kill off “excess eaters”.Yes. He was looney tunes.You might be thinking of Gus Hall. While a communist, he was, at least, sane. OK…maybe not. His twice running mate was Angela Davis! Gus ran in 1972, 1976, 1980 and 1984.
Tea Party Forum  Will this be the beginning of the end for Obama?????
Larouche is not very credible…
He’s not a communist, but he’s certainly a statist.  I haven’t watched anything from him in a few years, but, when Obama was first elected, all he did was say how much better Hillary Clinton would have been.  Don’t get sucked in.
 “LDS Freedom
Why hasn’t this hit the news? Why hasn’t someone like Glenn Beck picked this up?
I post regularly my scepticism about alternate explainations of who killed Kennedy, whether we really landed on the moon or not or whether Arab Terrorists destroyed the WTC, but Lyndon Larouche !!!! If you are relying on him as a source for information, you are definatly relying on a wolf to guard the henhouse
 Looks like LaRouche is talking about the recent ruling on his “recess appointments”. This is the jive I get from the 1st 5 minutes. If you go to LaRouche’s site, you will see that they are hamming up this recent ruling from the appeals court.
Some people I take with a grain of salt, with LaRouche , there is not enough salt on this planet. I think he is batshit crazy and is screwier than a wine cork screw. The guy has no cred and is a very good candidate for the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum along with most of his followers.
 “Before It is News“.
Obama Must Be Executed By SCOTUS (That’s The Law For Espionnage)  {hm…]
Daily Paul
Lyndon may be a commie shapeshifter but apparently he speaks the truth.
Vague memories from a drug induced HS senior year in the 70’s…but at least I do remember…Being recruited by Moonies at my local bookstore
Being recruited by the Mormons
Being recruited by Uncle Sam
Being recruited by Scientologists
Being recruited by 7th Day Adventists
probably a few Objectivists in there somewhere
…and being recruited by Lyndon LaRouche’s US Labor PartyI did have enough sense to hold out for the anarcho-capitalists…
but he is an enemy of the system, so expect lots of downvotes on this post, even though you didn’t really say anything you just linked to a webcast.
Intellecutal Oddiaties Network
Not to rain on anyone’s parade… but I’ve followed LaRouche on and off since 1991. Yes, 1991. He recorded a broadcast from in prison and was telling us to, somehow, get him elected so he could save us from the implosion of the economy. Seriously.
Anyway, he’s not someone that is on my list of “top shelf” on-the-inside, reliable sources…
No offence to any LaRouche fans.
Of course, he could be right this time…
We’ll see.Not to hammer on Larouche. I think he is an okay dude[at least now], but seems that while he may be spot on in much of what he says, nothing he says is going to happen ever seems to come to fruition…

Dateline Durham

“Basically, Obama has violated the Constitution,” said Jennifer, one of two volunteers who asked visitors to sign a petition calling for the restoration of the Glass-Steagall Act and to support impeaching the president.
The group set up a small table in front of the post office Monday morning with a poster of President Obama with a Hitler mustache reading “IMPEACH” and handed out information about the group.
While the volunteers deferred questions to the group’s headquarters, according to the group’s website, the LaRouche PAC draws a comparison between Obama and Hitler because of what they perceive as Obama’s fascism.
But isn’t it amazing how green the grass is in January? Spring can’t get here soon enough (sorry skiers).

Dateline Sliddel:
Many residents were curious as to why an elderly man named John Jambor was standing outside a Slidell post office wearing a sign that depicted President Barack Obama as Adolf Hitler on Thursday afternoon. […]
LaRouche has often been called an unclassifiable group.  […]
According to Gibbs, she and her husband were approached by Craig Holtzclaw, a LaRouche PAC organizer, and were asked to contribute funds towards the membership.  “He was asking us to fill out this form and donate money, and I didn’t expect that at all,” Gibbs said. […]
One elderly woman drove her SUV past a group speaking with the LaRouche members, rolled down her vehicle’s window, and shouted, “Y’all are un-American! Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves.”
Many vulgar slurs followed. Most African-American citizens were appalled by the imagery and what was felt as a lack of respect for the President. Many declined to comment.
At one point, two men began shouting at one another regarding the display, and one man sped away from the parking lot shouting, “I’ll be right back!” […]
“Future generations are going to look at us in January 2013 and going to ask ‘what were you doing to have a peaceful revolution to restore the constitution before it was too late,’” Holtzclaw said.

Dateline Cranbury:
These are Larouchies. Followers of Lyndon Larouche. They are very nice, completely insane, but very nice. I can recall them calling for the impeachment of every president since Reagan. They may have called for other prior to that, but I was not aware of them prior to the 80’s. They are a strange cult like group. Lyndon Larouche must be quite old by now. He has a whole basket full of crazy beliefs. For instance, the general equilibrium theory of neo-classical economics is a plot. Likewise the pitch of music is too high, a plot to ruin singers voices.
About once a year they wander into town and picket the post office. If its the anti-Obama stuff that bothers you, don’t worry they said the same crap about Bush. They are basically members of a very creepy cult. The internet will have lots of info on them.
LaRouche followers are a bunch of right-wing loonies.
They sit outside of post offices every so often and solicit donations from suckers.
oh no – not cranbury – i cannot believe the nerve of these people coming to CRANBURY to set up. What are they thinking?? Do they not know that this town is so special and WE do NOT like having “others” come into OUR town. I think I am going to have to stay indoors until they leave our town. I am writing a letter to the mayor right now. This is unheard of.

Dateline Simsbury
“It’s been about four years now that we’ve been seeing this group,” Marion said. “They’re all over the place—Connecticut, New Hampsire, Massachussetts—everywhere.” […]
Somewhat surprised to hear that the group chose a snowy, cold day in January to spread their message […]
When Cady Berry returned home she started doing some research on the strange signs she and her mother had just seen in Simsbury. Using search terms like Obama, Hitler, and Simsbury she came across an article that presented another aspect of the LaRouche Pac presence. Adversity.
Dateline Avon
“They cannot collect signatures,” Marion said.  The group is allowed to pass out leaflets to anyone who wants their questions answered.  “They can offer, they cannot force,” Marion said. […]  The LaRouche supporters at the Simsbury post office on Monday didn’t stay long as the snowfall intensified, and weren’t available for comment.

Dateline Target:   You see, when you use an almost empty Target parking lot for a half hour to honor a fallen sailor you get treated like a junkie trying to use the customer only restroom to shoot up. Maybe if they’d bought a pack of gum they would’ve been okay. Not that I’m not one to tell people what to do with their private property but this falls somewhere between outrageous and stupid. Not only does this Target serve a military town but, having grown up in this town myself, I spent years having to drive by anti-war protesters, Occupy types, LaRouchies and other assorted shit bags on that corner. Can you guess where they parked?

Dateline Florida
Just like the snowbirds from the north, […]  Their table was adorned with pictures of Obama sporting a Hitler mustache and literature proclaiming many conspiracy theories regarding  the Federal Reserve, NASA, Neil Armstrong and drug dealing by the British monarchy.
Mrs. Scialdone said at least four teams were sent to Florida by LaRouche PAC. Scialdone already held protests in West Palm Beach and Boca Raton before arriving in Ft. Lauderdale.

I think about the little political cults which drag on and on: there was some talk about the Larouchies a few threads ago (I had tangential connection to them; .  I knew somebody a long time ago who had lost friends to the Larouchies. Slowly they have dwindled away but it always gives me the creeps to see one of their 

Media Notices.

SGT Report again:
Where they lose this crowd.  However, it was painful to listen to him ramble about going to Mars by magically increasing our “energy flux density”
Angela Vullo sends out URGENT ACTION bulletin for Glass Steagall.  But why no 9/11 Truth?
Letter to the Editor back into 9/11 Truth.
Link to larouche, get this:  Another good source for news on a saturday is Webster Tarpleys radio show,  And… Tarpley beats larouche 3 to 1.
Harley Schlanger made an appearance on Dr. Deagle.  SGT Report.
Russian historian Andrey Fursov interviewed by writer and politologist Kirill Benediktov for Terra Americ
  Mr. Larouche has been successfully forecasting economics since the 1950’s and there are very few, if any, alive today with his experience and knowledge that are competent enough to challenge his views.  Hm.
Bill Jones on violence on Iran’s Press TV.
Bill Jones on Iran’s Press TV saying Boeing is going to destroy US economy.
9/11 Truth Alliance Dramatica:  Webster Tarpley


Lunatic Outpost and the Larouchian stand on Satan
Yes, blame everything on the Dionystic cult, the Epicures can do no wrong.
He was an atheistic socialist at one time — one of yours.
I guess he got off the boat, huh?
Jumped the fence?
Or pehaps this is all just more stage acting by a pro.
LaRouche is an establishment gatekeeper. He lets out some of the truth but he is not a “straight shooter,” and often goes to lengths to let info linked to him be ridiculed: while most of his historic and economic info is correct, he constantly engages in political campaigns that are silly and overshadow everything else he’s known for.
His job is to consolidate the awake&aware “loonies” and redirect their energies to things that are not useful or beneficial, or are impractical. This is why his org, LPAC, is primarily engages in trying to impeach Obama instead of something more likely to happen, like say auditing the Federal Reserve.

Kill Satan, Free LaRouche!


Discussing Lincoln... Bill see below for reply from Deanna.  I see that you too are into LarouchePAC.  copy to Angela Vullo who keeps me up to date with info on our president that is just outrageous enough to qualify as true.

A call to attend a Townhall meeting because…  Try to attend if you are willing to break format and talk about those things. Otherwise the teabaggers, LaRouchies, and retired frequent talk show callers will own the show.

On Matt Taibbi:
 The LaRouchies should sue him for plagiarism.
Hulskamp and the brat from MI really need to move on with their lives rather than spending their constituents time and money trying to stab the Speaker in the back. They lost. We´re keeping Boehner and we´re going to be sensible adults in dealing with the Democrats. Stop leaking crap to the press and go start your third party already. Say hi to the Larouche folks for me, just don´t come back. Your juvenile attempts to assert yourselves have cost us 5 Senate seats and counting

David Icke forums:
“left” wing and is opposed to the NWO.   Lyndon LaRouche & Webster Tarpley are obvious ones. There are also a lot of researchers who remain completely neutral.. Icke being one of
Just adding a couple more links re Delaney – who is mentioned in the Larouche mafia article as being part of the Moncini ring. —

Who brought the “impeach Obama” ****tards? Are they LaRouche plants? Denied your civil rights in MA?

On Alex Jones:  He’s a supporter of Golden Dawn, opposing abortion and had Larouche on regularly…he’s a “Black Helicopter” rightwinger, essentially believing that Obama

Washington Times creepy comments:  Lyndon LaRouche was always was right, while every one else was and still is dead wrong!
These are Larouchies. Followers of Lyndon Larouche. They are very nice, completely insane, but very nice.
Ron Paul is a Republican the way Lyndon Larouche is a Democrat, except Paul had the support of a single congressional district
Glenn Beck’s creation of Libertarian Ayn Randian Amusement Park gets this
, for a desciption of “Nuwaubians”:  .. . His patchwork approach is not just applied to graphics. A partial list, from my notes, of places I’d encountered  Nuwaubian notions before includes Chariots of the Gods and the Rael’s embellishments on that book, conspiracy lit, UFO lit, the human potential movement, Buddhism and new-age, astrology, theosophy and Blavatsky, Leonard Jeffries and other Afrocentrics, Cayce, LaRouche, alternative medicine, self-help lit, Satanism, the Atkins diet, numerology and yoga.
Paranoia is Paranoia.  Cults of personality are very similar across time, cultures, communities, religion, race, and gender.
The Armenian National Committee of America, Western Region, shares much in common with the Larouchies and little in common with Democrats
Where is the line drawn between credible politics and lunatic politics?
  Lyndon Larouche, Glenn Beck, Alex Jones…
Hm… I didn’t actually watch the video. IIRC Dr. Tarpley is Lyndon LaRouche’s designated successor and FDR plays somewhere in LaRouchian thought according to Wikipedia –
 of course threw together Jews, the Queen of England and the Trilateral Commission. Are their Gay Illuminati managed by extraterrestrials committed to removing the vital juices of our bodies and souls
And opposition to that bloc, though for very different reasons, is one thing I happen to share with the Larouchies. You and your pals, OTOH, are close to Larouche in your basic value system, where the increase in production of material objects .
… vaguely anti-gun.
If Bobert stopped posting stoned, however, there’d be a big difference! He’d apologize to Chongo about all the denigrating remarks he’s made and beg forgiveness. He’d swear never again to mention poo-flinging when bringing up Chongo’s name. He’d make a contribution the to APP, and he’d quit bringing up Lyndon LaRouche all the time.

Here’s an idea whos time has come!  Paul sharing a cell with Lyndon Larouche would be great.
On the Superbowl Blackout, and a conspiracy theory on…:  Lyndon LaRouche calling for Congress to get to work!!
on a Nullifying Sheriff in the news:  Justice Party, Socialist Workers Party, Objectivist Party, or Lyndon LaRouche that show up in an election pretending to be a viable party or candidate.

SWP stuff… Just been told that the Greek outfit was set up during the dictatorship by funding from the USA by none other than Lyndon Larouche and his German wife.   One section based on emigre Greeks or Greek students abroad was based in Frankfurt the other in London.

Diane Sare, a leader of the LaRouche political movement will kick off her campaign for governor of New Jersey on Saturday, Jan. 5, at an event in Hasbrouck Heights entitled “Defeating Andrew Jackson’s Legacy of Politics as Organized Crime.” The event will be held between 1 and 4 pm at the Hasbrouck Heights Holiday Inn.

And about this… That’s funny because LaRouche has also been discussing lately that Jackson was also an agent of the British.
Y et another reason to complete invalidate any of the crap LaRouche says.
You’re apparently not aware of all the intel linking him with the British.
I’m aware of some historians who cite that he received money for his campaign from British banks, but that doesn’t make him a British agent.
Refelctions on this comment by Xandafur… I find it puzzling that this larouchie would use the phrase “third way”, because when an organization came out called “Third Way” — somewhat tied to political associates of Michael Bloomberg, the Larouche org tied it into the “Third Way” of Tony Blair and onto the “Third Way” of Mussolini (skipping Bill Clinton).  No, Clinton/Blair do not make a Mussolini, but ff one were to play the Larouchie game here… [note the first item one picks up when they google these names.]

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