match made in heaven: fox news and dennis kucinich

What the right wing source “Accuracy in the Media” is saying about Fox News hiring Dennis Kucinich as a political analyst:

Kucinich becomes the latest in a string of liberals at Fox, including former Sen. Evan Bayh of Indiana, Bob Beckel, Sally Kohn, Jehmu Greene and Santita Jackson who have joined the network in recent years.
In a statement, Fox News chairman and chief executive Roger Ailes said that he was always impressed with Kucinich’s “fearlessness and thoughtfulness about important issues,” and that he is a “valuable voice in our country’s debate.”
While Kucinich would have been a better fit ideologically at MSNBC, by joining Fox he gets a bigger audience in which to spout his left-wing views. It makes me wonder if Fox isn’t trying to siphon away some of MSNBC’s audience by building a stable of liberal contributors to ensure it remains the king of cable news.

AIM at least doesn’t pretend Fox News isn’t … bending to the right?… in general  Other than that, we can mock calling Evan Bayh “liberal”…

What the Daily Kos has to say:

A Big FU to Dennis.  He gets to play house liberal for $$$ so the conservatives can laugh.

I know where Kucinich fits into a “silliness of liberal” scrabble for Fox News , but he is an interesting one nonetheless — prior to this, his biggest media fix was with a sort of “Pacifica Radio” arena.  If war breaks out, there will be a liberal speaking out against it on Fox News, I suppose… as opposed to Evan Bayh as spokesperson for that… maybe he’d be booted by the time we get to a Republican Administration and leave us with Evan Bayh a-okaying anything for the National Defense?

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