How the CIA made Zero Dark Thirty.

KPOJ ratings suck even more now.

Utah Business charges self-described liberals an extra buck.  What if they just change their description to “Progressive”?

Filibuster.  SPEAK.  Imagine that.

Republican Congress Critter wants Impeachment of Obama due to policy disagreements… call it the Alex Jones caucus.

2 Guys walk up and down the street waving around a gun to prove a point.  That they are total buffoons.

COPS at 25… bleh.

More Jefferson than Jefferson

Glenn Beck to build his own Ayn Randian Land

Pubic Crab Lice on Endangered Species List.

They don’t like the White House petition response on the Death Star response.

Cenk Uygur Asks Alex Jones if He’s Ever Sought Mental Health Treatment.  Now go ask Michael Savage.

What you need to know about Max Baucus.




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