White House Petitions: Secession, Jones, and Death Stars.

A few years back, Obama had to respond to the number one question asked for a youtube forum — it was Marijuana Legalization.  He gave one of those sort of giggling responses.

There’s a selection bias on this.  And the “We the People” petitions which the White House has threshold of signatures that force them to respond.  Passion is the key.  See, for instance…

We Request Obama Be Impeached for the Following Reasons.

The White House staff set in charge of responding to such a thing can just sleep walk through the answer.  I note that the answer on why signing “Obama Care” is not an impeachable offense is off — it wouldn’t be impeachable if the Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional — but in a case of an un-serious petition, a bit of chest thumping is in order.

Here’s one of those petitions that received a bit of attention a month or two back…

We Request (name of State) be allowed to secede for the Union.

A good chance to quote Lincoln.

The two petitions that are receiving some attention right now… the freak Alex Jones — and if this reads right the petition was started by one Kurt Nimmo who anyone whose bounded about Alex Jones would know well enough  — and the “Deport Piers Morgan” thing.  CNN — why would they bring out a platform for Alex Jones in the first place?  — Glenn Beck calls Alex Jones a “Fascist” — and in this case we do have to say, Jones / Nimmo’s opinion expressed … is fascist.  Whether or not Alex Jones has “exposed him of being a shill of the new world order” is immaterial.

This is a no brainer answer for the White House … “The First Amendment is still valid“.

The other big petition — the Death Star Petition — one of those “too cute by half” items which are meaningless humor pieces —

gets this send-off.

And, okay, that makes even this bit of silliness all worth it afterall.

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