in the anals of fun but meaningless polling

This is all very much fun, but it’s also all very much meaningless.

When asked if they have a higher opinion of either Congress or a series of unpleasant or disliked things, voters said they had a higher opinion of root canals (32 for Congress and 56 for the dental procedure), NFL replacement refs (29-56), head lice (19-67), the rock  band Nickelback (32-39), colonoscopies (31-58), Washington DC political pundits (34-37), carnies (31-39), traffic jams (34-56), cockroaches (43-45), Donald Trump (42-44),  France (37-46), Genghis Khan (37-41), used-car salesmen (32-57), and Brussels sprouts  (23-69) than Congress.
Congress did manage to beat out telemarketers (45-35), John Edwards (45-29), the  Kardashians (49-36), lobbyists (48-30), North Korea (61-26), the ebola virus (53-25),  Lindsay Lohan (45-41), Fidel Castro (54-32), playground bullies (43-38), meth labs (60- 21), communism (57-23), and gonorrhea (53-28).

When push comes to shove, those numbers would shift a tad.  Really the query is not even asking for satisfaction / dis-satisfaction.  It becomes one of which item amuses the called upon polled person to complement.  “Hm.  Communism.  Yeah, I’ll go with that one.”

This exercise by the Public Policy Polling is… too cute by half, and falls into the “Water Skiing Squirrel” news highlights category.

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