How Obama Decides Your Fate if he Thinks You’re a Terrorist.

John Boehner tells Harry Reid to Go … er… copulate… yourself.

Is Joseph Biden beating out Cheney now — except not so much in secret?

Peter Bagge does Detroit.

How much longer for John Boehner?  Or is this a show?

... uhrm?… kids’ bad “understand the killer” poem gets her suspended.

How to fix the House:  Double it?

The War on Kwanzee... there arguably is some trtuh in “doesn’t mean much to a lot of African Americans”, but… was invented in America after all.

one positive note on the Bush Tax Cuts… technically true, but — once done and twice not undone becomes harder to undo later.

Al Jazeera takes over Al Gore’s Current TV channel.  Time Warner drops it.

World Leaders flocked to twitter in 2012.  Why not?  It’s soundbyte made for them.

Oompa Loompas wanted for assault in britain.



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