The inevitable accidental George HW Bush obituary published.  (Der Spiegel)

and FISA continues on from Bush to Obama to whoever’s next.

The Fiscal Cliff cannot be like Thelma and Louise.

Why Chuck Hagel should tell Obama to take a hike on Secretary of Defense job.  To retain Critic status on War and Empire.

Marco Rubio shifts his story.

Charles Dickens’s fake book titles

the Ron Paul revolution takes over Muskegon County Republicans.

Did Murdoch try to persuade a Petraeus  Presidential run, with WaPO killing the story?

“Only in Russia” — Woman declared dead twice just minutes from being cut open for autopsy.  (In Tomsk Region).

Things not seen in “Too big to Fail” US:  Iceland puts (Fraud Collapse) banker in jail

Anachronisms upon anachronisms and the New Yorker monocle man.

Will Jeff Rense save White Nationalist radio show?  The worm turns.




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