no more Demint Juice

One item off of Jim Demint’s  Senate career that sticks in mind, as he wheedled and pumped up his “Tea Party” endorsements and pac money contributions… Sharron Angle had juice with Jim Demint.

Angle, who has hammered Reid for cutting deals in Washington, goes on to say that the Tea Party movement gives her “juice,” or clout, and offers to share it with Ashjian. “That’s really all I can offer you, is whatever juice I have, you have as well,” she says. “You want to see DeMint, I have juice with him….I go to Washington, D.C. and want to see Jim DeMint, he’s right there for me. I want to see Tom Coburn, he’s right there for me. I want to see Mitch McConnell, he’s there.”

This was mostly hoo-hum stuff — she’s trying to get a third party spoiler to back out by arguing her coming influence with power-brokers such as Jim Demint.  Nonetheless, what sold it into the “crazy train” sphere was the phrasing — “I’ll have Jim Demint Juice”.  Yes.  Jim Demint Juice.  Exactly what you want.  Naturally Harry Reid pounced on this “juice” talk and released this ad.  “Made with real Demint”.

And now he’s quitting the Senate to head the Heritage Foundation.  Reportedly the reason is that he doesn’t like being in the Minority.  Or, to put it another way… doesn’t have enough Juice after all.  He has to go elsewhere to get more juice.

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