Watching the percentages

The liberal blogosphere, lead by dailykos, has been watching with baited breath to see if and when Romney dips below the 47.5 mark, ala rounding to a full figure brings Romney to the “47 percent” of his campaign lore.  Whatever they consider fun, I suppose.

Other arbitrary measurements are listed at that kos blog page — they off-set the Republican arbitrary measurements along the lines of, oh, Obama being the first president re-elected with a percentage less than his first time elected.  Him doing better than Bush.  We get into some weird partisan wrangling around these parts — in his pre-election “Vote Romney” editorial, Charles Krauthammer chimed in that this is lives up to Big Election with Big Things at Stake line, after the election results came in, he charged that Obama won, sure, but he did so by going small.  Grover Norquist we see moving from his position that the Republican nominee don’t matter much because all we need is for someone to stamp in what the Republican congress sends him to a position of Redistricting has given us the House for the next decade, so there.

I’m looking at this “land unchecked” and pondering this factoid:  if a bunch of California is off-setting, that means we can move into the margins and see if Roseanne Barr has picked up percentage points…

Gary Johnson Libertarian New Mexico 1,265,100 0.99% 0 James P. Gray California
0 Jill Stein Green Massachusetts 458,411 0.36% 0 Cheri Honkala Pennsylvania
0 Virgil Goode Constitution Virginia 119,281 0.09% 0 Jim Clymer Pennsylvania
0 Roseanne Barr Peace and Freedom Hawaii 64,620 0.05% 0 Cindy Sheehan California
0 Rocky Anderson Justice Utah 41,204 0.03% 0 Luis J. Rodriguez California
0 Tom Hoefling America’s Iowa 38,828 0.03% 0 Jonathan D. Ellis Tennessee
0 Other 225,503 0.18% — Other —

Okay, compare this to my last tally, and what do we get?

It looks like Gary Johnson has moved up a hundredth of a percentage point — incidentally by the liberal wanking Romney 47 watch he has gotten to his percentage point; otherwise no.  Stein gets the extra hundredth of a percentage point as well.  The other candidates have gotten additional hundreds of votes, but no hundredth percentage point changes.

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