a type of logical fallacy I see a lot with this arena

“You see tv anchors mention a potential UFO sighting over Portland and laugh,” says (Clyde) Lewis.  “Well you know what they say.  ‘The truth is out there,’ they say.  It’s bullshit.  This is more real than plopping down in front of your tv to watch Snooki.”
From the latest Portland Mercury, article “Keep Portland Paranormal“.
I have gotten sick of this brand of logic, from conspiratorial corners.  “It’s more real than” fill in the bit of popular trash culture.  Depends on what you do with the particular item of trash culture, I suppose.
 The 0ther item in this article you’ll see —  “You see people give Paul Ryan credibility, and he’s full of it” — well, it’s unfortunate, but he wields power so you unfortunately have to lend him credence that you don’t have to to someone who hasn’t.

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