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Dateline TennesseeMark Clayton fires away at the national media
The Tennessee Democrat running for U.S. Senate fired back Thursday at this week’s Washington Post story that said he may be “2012’s worst candidate.”
Mark Clayton, the surprise August primary winner who has been linked to a Virginia anti-gay group, told Nashville’s News 2 the newspaper is “not a credible news source.”

Wait.  This next line is what sells you on this candidate.

He went on to question the Post’s investigation of President Richard Nixon in the 1970s which led to his eventual resignation.
“We would call on the Washington Post to return their Pulitzers until we find out what really happened,” responded Clayton while sipping ice tea at a restaurant near his rural Nashville area home. 

Well… You can’t always win.

Clayton said he refused interviews with the Washington Post and claims the reporter from the newspaper recently “jumped out from behind a bush asking him if he would beat Bob Corker.” 
When asked the same question about beating the incumbent Republican senator, Clayton grinned saying, “of course, of course.”

See too:

In an email to reporters Saturday, Clayton said he’s planning to win Tuesday’s election.
“I’m expecting victory because we have reached four million Tennessee voters, and most Tennesseans know that Bob Corker betrayed them,” he wrote.
But Corker, traitor to the people or not, is welcome to stop by his old office on Capitol Hill and share a little advice. The Republican senator might even prove useful:
“I congratulate my opponent for a great race in advance.  Former Senator Bob Corker could be of assistance to our staff because of his institutional knowledge and be a great asset to help our senate office staff.  I will allow my staff to continue to consult with him throughout my tenure, and both he and his staff will be welcome to stop by any time.

Maine:  I wonder what the future holds for Cynthia Dill, the Democratic candidate who the Democratic Party wasn’t running with?

Nevada:  Your classic “I know you all but what am I” defense to Ethics charges.

Missouri  Todd Akin:  Beheadings and Nazi Germany.  Oh My!
In summary of how this race is expected to turn out:  it took two flubs for Akin to sink himself and Claire McCaskill to hold on.  Also this will prove to be a source of acrimony in the coming Republican Party squabbles.
Bemusing comment:   As for the larger context, if Akin is elected tomorrow, he’ll have one of the more extensive criminal records of any U.S. senator in history.

Minnesota.  Kurt Bills doesn’t believe in Climate Change.  He’s also teaching our children stuff.  Be afraid.   Be very afraid.

Michigan 11: Stay classy, Republican Ron Paul acolyte.
 As the race enters its final days, the focus has been more on the candidates’ personal qualities than the issues. Democrats contend Bentivolio is a right-wing extremist and mentally unfit to serve, while Republicans say Taj is a radical leftist with suspicious foreign ties.
And…  we get this.
Politico.com reported Nov. 1 that the brother of Republican candidate Kerry Bentivolio told Michigan Information and Research Service (MIRS), a subscription-based news service, that his brother is “mentally unbalanced”. Phillip Bentivolio also claims his brother owes him $20,000; Politico.com quotes Kerry Bentivolio as saying his brother has “serious mental issues.”
The comments section vouches for and debates this point.
See more superpac ad fun here.
Corsi hits Taj with his patented brand of innuendo and outright lies, taking a quote in which Taj noted that his election would bring the total number of Muslims in Congress to three—thereby allowing them to form a caucus—as proof that Taj wants to “advance Muslim power in America.”
… to advance the cause of , if the spam allegations go forth… single payer health care.  Heil to Muslim Power, I suppose.

Washington –4:  The Comments section to the Yakima Herald Endorsement of Doc Hastings all come out against the endorsement.  It’s where you go when you are a frustrated constituency in a district that is sorely the other way, I suppose.

Oregon State Treasury.  The Willamette Week failed to mention him.  The Oregon only quickly brushed over him.  But Cameron Whitten is interviewed on Iran’s Press TV.

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