Chris Elliott recalls the horrors of Saturday Night Live.

George McGovern youtube clippings.

Billy Graham removes Mormon from list of cults
Leakey, Texas Church has sign urging “Vote for the Mormon, not the Muslim; the Capitalist, not the Communist“.   And then there’s this:  “Even if it’s bad attention, bring it on. Come to town, see what it’s about.”  (Hm.  No.  Let sleepy towns sleep.)

South Carolina Politico answers questions about prior Klan membership.  Youthful Indiscretion, never wore a hood.

Classic anti-Bryan Mckinley Employer tactic back in anti-Obama Romney tactic.  The conference call having employers fretting that they’ll cut their employees jobs.

Romney has a blimp.  Like Ron Paul?

6687 Google news items on “Schieffer”, “Obama” “Osama” for the big story of the 3rd debate: Schieffer says “Osama” instead of “Obama” once.

No other good memes came out of the debate.

9/11 Truth movie to star Ed Asner and Martin Sheen and Woody Harrelson.  It took a few decades for a JFK assassination blockbustere — only takes one decade for the 9/11 equivalent.

Fluoridation lobby met with Portland City Council and… zzz

Ugh.  Saxby Chambliss to face Tea Party primary opponent.  Chambliss???

Twitter threats on Romney.

In praise of Bloomberg’s big soda ban

Scientology and the Nation of Islam join forces.  Prepare to merge.



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