The Washington State politicos are awfully silent…

Pretty much every politician in Wisconsin has tweeted their outrage at the Packers — Seahawks call.  The attention has turned to Governor Walker and Representative Paul Ryan, wanting the refs back, hence the irony of these two pols backing the Union.  I don’t know if buttressing Union cred was at stake for Obama’s tweet, but there he was too.

To anyone who chimes in with a “Don’t these politicians have … Problems to solve… and better uses of their time than to pontificate on Sports?”… Consider the case of Martha Coakley, who lost Ted Kennedy’s seat to Scott Brown, and was pilloried for not knowing who Curt Schilling was… committing a faux pas of calling him a “Yankee fan“.  Cynically, in the world of “Rooting for Laundry” that is pro-sports I was thinking at the time (1) Just wait a year, and (2) Isn’t he a Diamonback?  So, pols are damned if they do, damned a lot more if they don’t.

Or maybe not.  Kind of depends on your geography and how storied the franchise you’ve got is.  I note that there isn’t any political figure in Washington State chiming in on the great Seahawks walking away with a misbegotten victory.   There’s a big Governor’s race — Jay Inslee and Rob McKenna.  Surely they can spend 15 minutes at one of the debates on the topic?  And what about Jim McDermott — The great Train-wreck / Crime Scene that garnered the highest rated Sportscenter in history (even if it was just re-looping the same five seconds of footage over and over again) happened in his district … or is he too busy leaving God out of the Pledge of Allegiance every chance he can find  and planning his pilgrimage to Saddam Hussein’s grave-site to take note of referee controversies?
Maybe his opponent, Ron Bemis, can chime in?

Personally, I would back any candidate who — prior to the just now agreement deal that’s returning the refs — would speak in behalf of the be-leagured Replacements… “They’re bringing in a Wild Card element to the game that’s adding excitement to the game.”     Too late, I guess.

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