Michigan’s 11th District Republican candidate – Kerry Bentivolio: an asshole of a teacher.

Ayn Rand writes Paul Ryan bio

Fetus vanishes from Todd Akin’s website.

Georgia Primary Run-off Results:  Establishment beats Tea Party by out-right flanking.

Louisiana: Libertarian Party beats up on the Democratic Party.  Filing has closed for Louisiana congressional elections. Republicans are running in all six districts. Democrats are only running in the First, Second, and Third Districts. Libertarians are running in all districts except the First District. Independent candidates are running in the First, Fifth, and Sixth Districts.

Vladimir Putin Versus Pop Culture

Stop sucking up to Bloomberg

Doomsday Prophet Admits to Buying Influence at Marine Base

Pat Robertson blames drought on turn away from God, ignores Global Warming.

 Texas Judge prepares for Civil War should Obama be re-elected

The confused jumble Americans believe

China slowing and




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